About Us

Lika London Ltd is based on a positive relationship to the environment and nature. That's why the founders of the company have decided to support sales of environmentally friendly goods in Europe.

The founders are aware of the importance of your children, that’s why Lika London Ltd wants to give your children the best organic clothes which your kids will wear at day and night.

Lika London Ltd have carefully chosen suitable sellers on European’s exhibitions and founders are convinced that they offer to your children the highest European quality.

nOeser - From Holland with love.

Everyday you wear clothes. nOeser wants to make you and your little one happy everyday with the beautiful nOeser clothes!

They offer original, organic cotton kids clothes. nOeser stands for 'be nutty, be nice'. 'Be nutty' because we love nuttiness. Thats way there is always a little wink or a fun detail in our beautiful prints. 'Be nice' because we love to do good. We work with organic cotton, produced in Europe. Thats why parents want nOeser for their little ones!

Småfolk - Danish design.

The name Småfolk is an old Scandinavian word meaning 'little people' or children'.

Småfolk are always happy colours, in the best quality. 85% of the collection and nearly 100% of the baby collection is ecotex certified. Småfolks collections are made so they match from collection to collection, so you Småfolk clothes can be mixed with earlier or newer collections. They hear again and again from parents, that a certain T-shirt or dress have been the children's favorite - because the children make stories from the clothes.